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Robert Sydbrink

Can't update to GB with LG:s PC Suite

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So, the main problem is that if I connect the phone (with stock v10d software) to LG:s PC Suite it says that there is a new software to my phone (v20l). It then starts the small mobile update program and it's here the problem starts. When that program checks the phone it says that I've already got the latest (v20l) on my phone. So I can't update to v20l.

Any toughts on how to fix this?

And why I want a completely stock installation is because the phone have been acting strange. The classic restarts and BSOD appears very often. And if it continues with the latest stock firmware its going back to the shop.

However. I've not tried it yet but, it's my sister that have the phone now and it started when she got it. I've had very little problem with the phone so I started thinking of whats different.

I remember that I had some problems in the beginning to and it seemed to stop when I changed the sdcard. And now my sister uses her own, cheap, sdcard in the phone. I had a 16GB Class 10 card.

Can the sdcard cause the problems?

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