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ZTE Skate TPTs

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You seem to be flashing TPTs for ZTE Blade, not Skate. Download 1b and H3 Blues. Extract tpt to root of sd card (no folders) and then turn off. Power on using volume up, middle button and power. Then install zip from SD card, find H3 Blues zip

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You seem to be flashing TPTs for ZTE Blade, not Skate...

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.

I did what you said but I still have no mobile network connection.

I decided to download a Checkmend report and I don't understand what it is trying to say (Pic uploaded).

I phoned Orange who said that the phone is not barred and that in 24hrs they will combine my SIM card number to my IMEI and the phone will work.

I'm not sure about that, it was working fine on Vodafone before so if that Checkmend is correct I have no idea why this has happened.


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UPDATE: Phoned Orange again today to verify what I was told last night and I was given wrong information. The IMEI is barred and they won't tell me why. The guy I bought it from say's the phone is not stolen, lost or insurance claim blocked as the Checkmend reports. So there you go people, you can buy a second hand phone and it can get barred for a secret reason that can not be lifted unless you have proof that you bought the phone from new. I am f****ng livid!

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The IMEI is barred and they won't tell me why.

You can change the IMEI to work around that.

1. Google "QPST 2.7 Build 366". Click the first link and download the file and install it

2. Download this zip file and extract it

3. Go to Stock_recovery and run install-recovery-windows.bat

4. Remove your battery and disconnect the USB cable

5. Now as you connect the phone to your computer press the volume down button. Don’t let go of the volume button until “FTM” comes up on your phone

6. You installed QPST in the first step. Go to QPST Configure and make sure that the COM port is listed and enabled. If it's not click to add a new port

7. Click "Start Clients" and click "Software Download"

When doing the above you'll be able to backup key parts of your phone. All you then need to do is figure out where the IMEI is stored and you'll be able to edit it via a hex editor and then write it back.

The following links may help you, but some may not be of any use. Be very careful.



http://www.modaco.co...-also-the-imei/ * I'm not sure if this works for the Skate. Don't flash the ZTE Blade recovery image though *



Keep in mind that changing the IMEI in the UK isn't strictly speaking legal, unless you're restoring your own IMEI because it got wiped to zeros.

EDIT: To restore clockworkmod just go to Clockworkmod_recovery and run install-recovery-windows.bat

And yes, I know that's an older post, but information such as this always seems to be useful to someone at some point.

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