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vScreens - Big screen sharing made super simple

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Sony Ericsson pushed a neat beta to Market before the weekend which is well-deserving of a little attention.

As long as your Android phone has a camera, you can get any photos on your device onto a computer screen, projector or TV providing it has a flash-capable browser. It's not limited to Sony Ericsson devices and doesn't require registration.

Simply install the vScreens app, open vScreens.com on the display where you want to show your pictures, scan the QRCode shown on the site using the app and select images from the phone. A few seconds later they'll appear on the destination display. Pretty awesome, yes? B)

Being a beta, there's no guarantee it'll still be there in a month, or even a week, but it's free so it's totally worth trying out!

Source: Market Link , vscreens.com , Sony Ericsson Blog

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