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Omnia and usb charge problems on sectors roms

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Hello i have windows 6.5 by sector version 21232.5.0,1.

While i can charge the phone with my charger and the light to go green when the battery is full,that never happens on the usb charge,the battery could even go at 120% or more if it stays connected on the usb, (and i get that info from omnias battery monitor utility when pressins *#9911#" ,on the other hand on the windows 6.1 version i remember the usb charge lead in a green light in the end.

Also i noticed better battery charge when using the utility mymobiler and i use the utiliy to see omnia on my computer screen,there is an option called screen off,that switches omnia screen off,while you can see it on computer.

Again on the other hand when i dont use this utility if i turn off the screen of my omnia myself,then it never really goes off,activesync on windows 7 seems to acticate phone randomly.

What am i doing wrong?Should the usb charge lead to a green light in the end when battery is 100% like the normal charge do?


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