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Google+ Issues?

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I've had Google+ issues today.

I haven't got instant upload ticked, but now that i'm home and on wifi, google+ is say here rattling away at 4% CPU and appears to be constantly downloading something, but god knows what as I've been home 4 hours and its not stopped.

"System Panel" app shows my Network on the phone constantly downloading upto 1mb/sec. I confirm this is Google+ by force stopping the app and the network usage and CPU drops to zero.

I do have a rather large Picasa collection, but as these are already with Google, i'm not sure why it would do anything with those....

I've rebooted the phone since the force stop and all is quiet, no downloading.

Opened Google+ again.... a little download when I went into photos, but all quiet.

Opened Gallery, its shows all my albums, but no extra traffic or CPU.

I wonder if Google+ just got its knickers in a twist somehow? :rolleyes:

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