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ZTE v9 2.2 install froze, now FTM unrecognizable

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Hi, thanks in advance for all the help I'll get.

I'm stuck in a rough spot. I recently tried to update to the ZTE 2.2 using Android's Post-Paid tool. The upgrade wasn't successful, and the phone is now basically stuck.

FTM mode (power + vol down) is just a pure black screen and unrecognizable by windows. When I try to update the driver, windows is selecting it as a HS Storage Disk. In the regular boot mode, the screen gets stuck on the "yes optus" screen and the sdcard is completely unwriteable. However, adb can communicate with it and it can be rebooted into recovery mode using 'adb reboot recovery'. However, adb shell is useless and all actions are access denied. The selected driver in this mode is android_usb. I can also boot into Power + Vol Up + Vol Down. This loads the V9 with ztediag.inf mode.

I've been unsuccessful in getting the tablet flashed so far and am out of ideas. Please help.

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