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Earpiece failures...

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Anyone who's had their earpiece go kaput on them, & got it repaired, is it happy ever after, or has the fault returned?

I have read that these faults were simply due to the flimsy terminals loosing contact, quite possibly using the headphone socket repeatedly may have caused this. I also read of some people actually swapping them out for K850i earpiece, having better terminals / fit. I think someone had to file the plastic sides slightly to make a perfect fit, but then it was actually an improvement on stock.

Anyway I digress... I wouldn't like to do this myself, so... does it fail again after being repaired?

Thers's only so many trips to repair centre I'm willing to put up with....Great phone



No the fault hasn't returned. Great phone. I think something to do with the old earpiece having flat terminals & losing contact. New ones with springy terminals that remain in contact with the board.

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