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Phone turns off completely randomly

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Hi Guys

Had my liquid metal about 2 weeks now, nice phone bar a few things, call quality quite poor, but i can put up with it, but the main issue im having is the phone completely randomly just turns off. im racking my brains if it's a hardware or software fault.

for the first 10 days or so i was using T&L rom, and tried reflashes etc.. etc.. but no improvement. it would happen 2-3 times a day, always when im using it. now yesterday i flashed gingerounay and it was ok all day yesterday but today it has switched off 3 times so far, always during calls.

any ideas?

i have to keep my e72 on me just as a backup until this phone is settled and stable.

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Maybe the same is what happens to me right now... while mobile data is ON, the sim becomes VERY hot, the battery drains VERY quickly (10% per minute or more), and the phone randomly starts the shutdown procedure. I can't figure out what i've done to reach this situation :| (azuremetal+technolover updated).

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