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Problem restoring Spotify after moving to CM7

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Hisorry if this is just a super n00b question that is easily solvablebut struggling.

Ihave moved from a stock based ROM to CM7. I previously had all mySpotify data stored on my external SD card.

Onmoving to CM7 I titanium restored all my apps but for some reasonSpotify did not remember the location of all my music and I wasunable to get it to save music to the external SD card.

Onlooking at the card from inside file explorer the phone seems tothink there is only 499mb of data stored on thr external card (whenin fact there is over 10gb of music).

Irestored a nandroid backup of stock ROM and all the locally syncedmusic is back and the phone recognises the data on external SDcard.

Iam a bit flummoxed TBH, anyone know what I should do?


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Anyone? Getting a bit desperate here.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S2 using Tapatalk

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