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Cursed Chico

Cant receive sms or deliver sms..

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Today iwas messaging with af riend, then i sent a last msessage but it couldnot be delivered so i thought her mobile was gone. But after a few hours i called her and saw her mobile was on. So, then i tried to send sms to everyone but theycant deliver. And i cant receive sms too now. What can be the problem? Maybe memory status? İnternatl has around 110, phone has around 180 mb, so what is problem?

In past i had such a problem too. I turned on mobile theN i did not look at it. So , a few hours later i looked and saw, no messages or callings so i thought there was a problem and i restarted, rthen i received a lot of mssages those had been sent when i thought it was on. So you can see that, my mobile had a problem of signal but it is about mobile not about sim service.

But now the problem is not same because i can call anyone. I hope i could tell you the problem. Plase help..

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