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Sony Ericsson Release Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha

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Sony Ericsson have released an alpha quality developer preview of Ice Cream Sandwich for a limited number of devices. If you've got a spare Xperia arc S, Xperia Neo V or Xperia ray and want to take a peek at Android 4.0 then read on...

Before you download and flash it though, there are a bunch of caveats you'll need to be aware of.

For one, this beta is only for developer unlocked phones and has a very limited number of working features, in fact it renders most of what we use our handsets for inoperable.

This build contains no Google Apps, the modem is disabled - so no mobile data or phone calls, Bluetooth and WiFi are disabled and the FM radio won't work.

ICS Looks good, though we're not sure what the deal with the skull ring is

Sony Ericsson describe the alpha as being in their bring-up phase, so nothing should be considered stable or complete.

This really is only aimed at developers who want a handset running an early version of ICS to sideload APKs on to test things such as multi-touch. In fact without the above it's only a couple of notches above the emulator.

There are a bunch of other warnings, caveats and limitations, take a look over here for more information. To get started you'll need an unlocked bootloader, which you can do over here.

Source: Sony Ericsson Developers Site

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