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Skype for Android: Improved Video, Instant Messaging, and a Way Out...

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Skype for Android recently received an update for improved video quality on Tegra 2 devices, as well as allowing all users to send pictures, videos and files.

Admittedly the improvement in video quality (using two ASUS Transformers) over the previous incarnation of the app isn't enormous, but it seems to be slightly smoother. The instant messaging and file transferring are far from perfect: after failing to send a photograph, the IM function decided to call it a day also, though the messages were waiting for me on my desktop's Skype.

Despite these new features and tweaks to Skype for Android, my favourite addition is the button that allows you to stop using it. The sign-out button on the top right of the main screen is what many users have been begging for since Skype first landed on our beloved OS, and now you can sign back in by simply opening the app again. It's not the one-tap widget I've been waiting patiently for, but it's the next best thing.

Is Skype now better than the three-and-a-half stars it has long had on the Android Market? Probably not, but it's free and it's getting there.

Skype for Android Market Link

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