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[Q] Bluetooth Help Please! Expert Required to Help Understand.

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Please help, this is really annoying me now. I just want to understand how it works more than anything.

I am using ARHD ROM with Bricked Kernel (until TripnIce has bluetooth anyway)

My car can access and read out RSS threads and has a lot of interactive media functions, including being able access the internet via my bluetooth enabled phone. But I can't seem to get it to work fully, and really don't know if it is a ROM / Kernel / Phone issue or a car issue. I just don't know enough about the various bluetooth protocols etc, and as much as I research it, I keep going around in circes.

The car will connect to the phone and work fine as a bluetooth headset for telephone calls. It will also display the caller picture without issue and will access and read out my emails (using stock Sense Mail client) and SMS messages. It also seems to connect to audio OK (although I never use it as it has a USB port that will accept a pop drive, so all my music is on the dashboard).

But the internet connection doesn't seem to work. I have looked into this and can't work out if it is a PAN or DUN profile issue. Soemtimes I can get the phone to show an internet connection being available to the car, sometimes it doesn't depending on which ROM I use and I can't seem to get any to work regardless.

Looking on the website, it claims the following:

How can I configure my mobile device for internet or BMW TeleServices usage?

In the operating manual of your mobile device you will find instructions on configuring “Access Point Name (APN)”; other names for this may be “Internet Settings”, “Modem Settings” or “Tethering Settings”. The required settings are available from your service provider. Please note that most Sony Ericsson mobile devices only recognise the first entry in the APN list, so it is recommended that all other APN configurations be deleted.

Can somebody please help me with this. CM7 seemed to make tethering switch on when I was connected to the car, but it still didn't work) I really am baffled as to how to get this to work and if there is something, an app, a ROM, a zip that will help.

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk

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