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[RoM] Oodie CM V3| 13/12 | For Unlocked BL | CM7.2.0 | Taste of CM on X10 !

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*Added CM 7.2

*Profiles Fully working

*Added ICS Animations ( set transition animations to slow/veryslow in "spare parts " )

*Much more features with CM 7.2 ( latest lockscreen / mobile network settings & etc )

1. Flash This kernel - Get here ( Get wifi modules From Here if needed )

2. Download & Flash the rom - Oodie CM7.2.0 V3

3. Boot in & choose " ICS " theme via theme chooser .

4. Do a Reboot ! & Apply a Wallpaper ( initial is black background )

5. Press menu on the home -> preferences -> Restart & save .

6. Do a 2- 3 reboots . ( please don't expect everything to be perfect on the first boot )

* To install apps bigger than 16Mb or So - Flash this Patch via recovery .

icon5.gifVisit F.A.Q before posting issues - Go here



-GSM/Data fully working

-No video lag

-Camera & camcoder ( 8MP/720P )

-Wifi tether via " wifi tether " app

-Usb tether via " easy tether " app

-calls , sms


-Builtin Screenshot app




-Usb tethering ( works with easy tethering -Included )

-No camera Zoom

-Playing Audio in PC Via Bluetooth results a reboot. ( working on that )


Credits -

Many thanks to {Rom is based on} - Z's CM 7 / Trip's CM 7 / FXP CM7.2

Doomlord - For the kernel sources

FXP - for all the help he's given & making x10 alive

Cobrato - for Helping me in any situation & in this case helping with which kernel to use.

colossus , gm007 , 9lukas5 & everyone who helped me fix the issues & etc .

& all others helped me in many ways !!

Links For the Old Version [ V2 ] - Go Here

Edited by Oodie
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looks good will try it later.

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Best Rom ever,i used your miui for aboat 2m and gave your cm7 a shot and now i'm on it

colors are much more better than miui,why is that ?

can u please port your miui "lights.es209ra.so" for this ? so we have a white flash on any notification

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