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[ROM] [ICS with sense 3.5] [Dec 22] Fasty Beta {Audio Beat and more}

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This is my first Sensation Rom (used to make roms for samsung captivate which is more simple then htc).

Anyways back to business:

Based on : 3.06.401.101 Sensation Xe

Kernel: Stock, 3.0.13-g8085863 htc-kernel



Init.d support

Build properties and other tweaks

Adfree app added to block ads

Tweaked GPS

Big apn List

Modified framework

Better stability

and much more..

And yes Face unlock works,and so the camera.

For speed but the battery will be used more

To awake the second processor: Download system tuner pro, click cpu, click boot setting. click force all cpus online, on boot completed.(now the phone is super fast and responsive )

Known Bug: Cant choose wallpaper from gallery (from menu/wallpaper)

Fix : For now just go directly to gallery then choose the picture and set it as wallpaper.

ScreenShots :


Download: http://logicroms.com...c-Sensation-Rom



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Is this rom faster then the RCMix rom?

I havent tried RcMix and dont know if he tweaked it the way i did, but i am sure once you wake up the second processor (the method is what i described on the op) it will be certainly.

I have 0 lag and it's super fast (i have both cpu awake)

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I wonder what would happen if I tried this kernel on Trips AOSP ICS release...

That wouldnt work.

You know how some kernels are for roms with sense and other for AOSP, well trip's rom is AOSP and this is sense.

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