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Resize MT Partitions?

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it isn't worth it because we have App2SD, AD2SDX and Link2SD - otherwise it's very risky ;)

Sure but we have about 100 mb (about 50 from cache and at least 50 from system) to use for data partition, not for apks and dalvik caches (that we can move to sd ext) but for app datas.

Thanks for your reply and for your work.

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You should forget about it. like TechnoLover said it's dangerous.

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It's no more dangerous than on any other phone where it has been done..

I for one would love to see it happen.. problem is there don't seem to be enough ninja level hardware dev's for the LiquidMT..

I'm starting to think I bought the wrong device.. That's not to say that there is not a lot of great work by some very clever Dev's.. but I came over from a Blade where just about everything is possible and I miss that.. I was hoping the LiquidMT would turn out like an ARMv7 Blade.. we still dont have a source buildable CM for the LiquidMT! (although it sounds like the CM beta's private source is getting close)_

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