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[CM7 THEME] LunarUi 4.2.0 #HighCommand + icons and mods (12/12/11)

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[CM7 THEME] LunarUi 4.2.0 #HighCommand + icons and mods (12/12/11) in market

Welcome to LunarUi release thread

For Theme Chooser enabled phones

site: redx-mods.co.cc

twitter: @red_gl0w


Version 4.2.0 codename: HighCommand

+pulldown menu rethemed

+new icons

+tons of new additions to freamework

+magenta touches all over

+statusbar revamped

+statusbar icons revamed

+music player retouched and redesigned

+analog clocks I designed

+highlights and press recolored




Donate Version Too

Solid Black



if your updating via market uninstall previous version first!!

Analog Clocks




(may get FC on launcher pro not a serious issue)

Icon package with psd


download the PNGs + .PSD!!!

[NEW] Lost Exhibit Collection mClocks


Info: this clock is based off the MIUI style clock but redone with my own personal graphics.

It includes three styles digital, white panel, and dark panels. They also have different text

colors just load the xmls included. There is also an included date fix to the omega clock.

Download the collection!

Enable transparebt Statusbar guide by Fergie 716

So I thought I'd write a little guide to help folks experiencing the Ghosting issue

(Feel free to link this post to OP if you want. I'll update it if needed)

These might not work for all devices! Really depends what ROM you have

Ok, so the easiest way to get rid of the ghosting in the statusbar

zdunes patcher

*Download the patcher and follow the instructions to set it up

* Place your framework-res.apk (found in /system/framework/) and your SystemUI.apk (found in /system/app/) in the files_to_patch folder

*Start patcher.bat and select Browse Statusbar Tweaks then Enable only Transparent Statusbar

*Follow the instructions and after you make the smali edit thats needed select option 5 then 6

*Put the statusbar_patch.zip and statusbar_undo.zip on your SD card and flash the patch zip in recovery. If something goes wrong, flash the undo zip

-UOT Kitchen

*Go to the kitchen and go to the File Upload section

*Upload your framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk from your current ROM

*After apk's are uploaded, goto the Status bar tab and select Use This Mod

*Select Enable transparency in status bar

*Go to the Summary tab, then select Submit work to kitchen

*Remember your order number then wait to pick it up

*Download your zip form the kitchen when it's done and flash it in recovery


*Download apktool and get it set-up. Make sure you meet all the prerequisites

*place your framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk in your apktool folder (my path is C:\apktool\ )

*in cmd, cd your path to apktool (ex: cd \apktool)

*now enter this

apktool if framework-res.apk

apktool d SystemUI.apk
*navigate to your decompiled SystemUI folder and go to /res/layout/status_bar.xml *Open it and scroll towards the bottom. You'll see a line like this
	<com.android.systemui.statusbar.DateView android:[email protected]:style/TextAppearance.StatusBar.Icon android:gravity=left|center android:[email protected]/date android:[email protected]/statusbar_background android:paddingLeft=6.0px android:paddingRight=6.0px android:layout_width=wrap_content android:layout_height=fill_parent android:singleLine=true />
*change this line
android:[email protected]/statusbar_background
to this:
android:[email protected]:color/transparent
*Now navigate to smali>com>android>systemui>statusbar>StatusBarService.smali *Open it with a text editor and search for this line
invoke-direct/range {v0 .. v5}, Landroid/view/WindowManager$LayoutParams;-><init>(IIIII)V
*directly above it you will find:
const/4 v5, 0x2
*change this to:
const/4 v5, -0x3
*Save the changes you made. Now back in cmd type
apktool b SystemUI SystemUI-transparent.apk

*Take your newly compiled apk and rename to SystemUI.apk. Sign it using APKManager or something similar

*make a flashable zip out of it or copy/paste to /system/app/ and change permissions to rw-r--r--


The apktool method is basically the same as zdune's patcher. Just thought I'd write that one up in case someone can't download the patcher

other tips

*If using ADW or ADW EX try going to ADW's System Preferences and disable Wallpaper Hack

*Try using a Live Wallpaper or MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

Applying dock:

1. In launcher pro choose froyo wide dock

2. set corresponding shortcuts

3. long press and change icon to transparent

This theme includes

+themed icons

+themed framework

+some themed apps

+custom dialer (MDPI only for green)

+transparent statusbar support

+widgets skinned

Bugs/future Tweaks for v2.0

-google serach widget name dosen't show

-plan to make statusbar more transparent (possibly add another one)


-downsize the signal icons

-theme lpp widgets

-skin adw/launcherpro screen indicators (miui style)


*done read pages 17 to 19*


Chris_banks2 - extremely artistic mods

Fergie716 - extremely helpful guy!

Jabbawalkee - keyboard based off matted blues

ZduneX25 - replying emails and teaching me how to theme

Wormdoes - tester and creating general setup + screens used in preview

Kattara - tester + screens

Shadowninty - tester + screens

Djoptimusone - tester

Cyanogen - linux source

Deviantart - inspiration

Guys in the post your homescreen thread - inspiration

Downloads: (use your computer)

sign up for a faster download time :) and premium for direct download (to use on mobile)



*new links*

NEWLunarUi matte pack w/docks and addons

NEWLunarUi trans pack w/docks and addons

Icon Expansion Project

NEWLunarUi 4.1.0 matte

NEWLunarUi 4.1.0 trans

NEW LunarUi 4.0.0 trans

NEW LunarUi 4.0.0 matte

LunarUi 3.6.5 Trans + addon

LunarUi 3.6.5 DarkMatte + Dock by King omar

Lunar 3.6.0 + addons

Lunar 3.5.4

LunarUi 3.5

LunarUi v3.0 10/9/11

Lost Exhibit Omega Mclocks

LunarUi 10/1 v2.7.2

Icons 9/19/11

LunarUi 9/19 v2.6

LunarUi v2.6 Classic StatusbarIcons

LunarUi 8/31 v1.0

mClock multi color mods

FIXmClock Lunar Simple

Custom docks by Chris_Banks

For icons request them here

Don't mirror my links

>if you like hit the thanks button below or donate

>everyone can help by not reuploading my files :)

>can't download? email me [email protected] or pm

>extract the zip files, don't be an idiot and flash them

Please donate to help me Keep up with android.

My phone cannot use the latest android or MIUI :(

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