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SGS2 AT&T version - Custom Roms

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Hi all,

I have recently asked a friend of mine to get me the SGS2 from Hong Kong since it is a lot cheaper. However, I just found out that she got me the AT&T version from the US instead of the UK/International version.

Now obviously, the button layout on the bottom of the screen is different (no hard home button).

When loading a custom rom of the international version on it, will that be causing problems then? Will all buttons still be functioning the same? Can I load any custom SGS2 roms onto it or will there be specific AT&T versions?

is there anything else I should be aware of? when rooting, radio version, etc....

Your help is much appreciated since I am not an expert in terms of rooting!


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i would of thought it would not work loading another rom onto the device as the device may have a faster processor (Qualcom 1.4ghz dual core on T-Mobile version instead of 1.2ghz Exinos processor.) I hope i am wrong, other people will be able to provide more detailed infomation than me.

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