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Hoping other have the same issue here or a fix. Using a Nexus on Orange and trying to access swappables. I can't see any other the Russell Grant astrology. Orange have told me of a work around- go into browser and type in the address bar about:useragent which should bring up another menu. All I get is a white screen. Using MCR IR8 so not sure if this is the problem somewhere.

I have tired other menu codes and can't seem to access any other menu's e.g about:debug.

Any advice or other possible codes to try greatly appreciated. Apparently this is a menu hidden well by Samsung but no other manufacturers.


Edit: about:debug does work to bring up extra options in the menu. Here I can select UAString and change the device to froyoN1 which gives some swappables. Not many but more than the SGN. Hope this is helpful for some

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