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Android internal storage increase on stock ROM - does not recognize sim/radio

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i'm triing to increase internal memory on stock rom.

I successfully done on S7 slim (i found i guide writen by watch_mania) but on Vodafone Smart i've some trouble (i use sshdroid and putty).

I do the following step :

1) Partiton the external SD with two filesystem the the first one FAT32 the second one ext2

this is the output of fdisk :

/system/sd # fdisk -l /dev/block/mmcblk0 Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 7969 MB, 7969177600 bytes

255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 968 cylinders

Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System

/dev/block/mmcblk0p1 1 509 4088511 83 Linux

/dev/block/mmcblk0p2 510 968 3686917+ b Win95 FAT32

2) mount system as read-write and create new mount point

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system

mkdir /system/sd

mkdir /system/internal

3) format ext2 partition created at 1)

mke2fs -m0 -b4096 /dev/block/mmcblk0p1

4) mounting the "original" /data on /system/internal and new ext2 partition on /system/sd

mount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock6 /system/internal

mount -t ext2 /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /system/sd

5) copy the content on "original" /data on /system/sd

cd /system/internal

tar -cvf /system/sd/old-data.tar *

cd /system/sd

tar -xvf old-data.tar

rm old-data.tar

6) create boot init script

vi /system/etc/install-recovery.sh

and write inside :


mount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock6 /system/internal

mount -t ext2 /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /system/sd

mount -o bind /system/sd /data

Originally in the guide for S7 slim you have to do :

cd /system/sd

rm -rf radio

ln -s /system/internal/radio /system/sd/radio cd /system/sd

rm -rf date.time

ln -s /system/internal/date.time /system/sd/date.time

BUT if i try to do that the device does not recognize the sim.

If i try to don't do that the device loop during boot.

on S7 Slim in /system/internal/radio i found this file :

srwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 2048 Dec 31 06:49 qmux_connect_socket

the same file on vodafone smart is located in /system/internal/local/tmp/

but if i try to link it does not work and the device loop.

Someone can help me ?


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