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Even if i don´t need it yet I am not completely understanding the EFS-Backup/Restore thing.

I understand the reason why saving efs makes sense and can help when efs is messed up and I am using linux for a while so i am familiar with dd and tar, but what i don´t fully get is:

* What are the advatages of an image or tarball in this context ? Someone wrote tar would also save file-permissions, but shouldn´t an image save everything exactly byte-by-byte ?

(saw that Paul was using dd and making an image with an older version of the script for SGSII, but bow changed to tar-ball with the MCR-option for GN. Any reason for this ?)

* How to restore img and/or tar - i know how to use dd and tar, but i wonder if restore could/should be done during normal operation or in recovery ?

So maybe someone can shed some more light on this topic for me ;-)



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The DD method (while ideal) seemed to have issues with the GN in my testing (failing to create an image), so I switched to tar.gz, simple as that. :)

In the event of needing a restore, recovery would be safest.


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