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Hi! I'm new to Android phones. Just checked my account with my provider online and noticed that my phone is using data (not much) about every 22 seconds regardless if I am connected to wifi. I am using a Unlocked and de-branded San Francisco 2. Any ideas what application I have on my phone that could be doing this? I have only installed as extra aps the Hotmail (set to push emails) and Facebook aps.

I unlocked and de-branded my phone following: http://ztecrescent.blogspot.com/2011/12/osf-ii-unlocking.html and loaded the r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip Custom ROM.

A sample from my account:13-01-2012 14:58:32Data13 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 14:58:54Data13 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 14:59:15Data13 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 14:59:36Data20 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 14:59:57Data20 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:00:16Data19 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:00:38Data20 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:00:59Data19 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:01:20Data19 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:01:41Data13 KB0,00 Kr.13-01-2012 15:02:02Data13 KB0,00

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I would suggest you install droidwall from the market. This firewall app allows you to control what apps can use the wifi or 3g data connections. Set it whitelist (so only your specified apps can access data) and logging mode on, so any blocked attempts are recorded.

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