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[ROM][GEN2] Swedish Snow RLS7 (Android 2.3.5)

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RLS7 changelog: 13.4.2012

-added checkbox preference for vibrate when call is connected

-added network mode toggle (2G-3G-2G/3G) to notification power widget (thanks to hansip87)

-added wifi tethering toggle to notification power widget (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added extended partition info (used/total space on each partition) to ROM settings (thanks to squadzone)

-updated kernel with flipped dutch camera fix, AXI fix, etc. Kernel changelog.

-centered statusbar date on center clock mod

-added option for new stock kernel from Moldovan release (4G4G_GB_GENERIC_P729V1.0.0B19)

-updated Toggle2G (available as an add-on, version 0.2.3)

-updated Google Play Shop

-updated Gmail, Maps & Street View

-updated No-Frills CPU Control

-updated hosts file & apns list

-ROM settings translated to spanish (thanks to Antonio Zru)

-ROM settings translated to turkish (thanks to wakeup12)

-fixed russian translations (thanks to StDannyDan)

-more translations (thanks to agpoli, wakeup12, StDannyDan, DarkCrono, KingsizeX, purplehead and Xinxe)

-few other minor tweaks

RLS6 changelog: 13.3.2012

-new kernel based on the new ZTE Blade source (complete source available here, thanks to burstlam)

-new wifi driver

-new Adreno200 EGL libs

-re-wrote the about section in ROM settings. Pressing Swedish Snow opens MoDaCo thread in your browser.

-changed volume key ringer mode switch to work froyo style

-modified 'About device' to display accurate kernel name

-fixed blank statusbar at first boot bug

-fixed small layout bug in notifications

-fixed an issue with Google Backup transport

-updated Market to Google Play Shop

-updated Maps

-updated No-frills CPU Control

-fixed/added portuguese translations and fixed small display bug in application settings (thanks to DarkCrono)

-translated ROM settings to greek (thanks to purplehead)

-translated ROM settings to french (thanks to iMax11)

-translated ROM settings to dutch (thanks to Xinxe)

-added hungarian translations (thanks to agpoli)

RLS5 changelog: 6.3.2012

-completely re-wrote the ROM settings and few of the features

-added checkbox preference for long press back key kills foreground app. Delay still three times normal.

-added checkbox preference for volume key cursor controls

-added statusbar software keys. HOME, MENU and BACK softkeys with long press functions. (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added checkbox preference for statusbar sofkeys. You need to reboot your phone for this setting to take effect.

-added framework patch to support MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). I'm not held responsible for any roaming charges. (Inspired by leromarinvit)

-added checkbox preference for MVNO roaming. This equals ticking 'national roaming' box in CM7. You need to reboot your phone or use airplane mode for the setting to take effect.

-added swipe to clear notifications. Individual notifications can be cleared by swiping them to left or right (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added VOLUME UP key works as shutter button in camera app. Pressing the key focuses and releasing the key takes the photo. VOLUME UP key also starts/stops recording in camcorder.

-kernel with overclocked GPU and AXI bus (thanks to wbaw for the patches)

-updated Maps and Youtube

-updated Google services framework

-removed flashlight

-tweaked TCP buffer sizes

-fixed some portuguese translations (thanks to jventura and HeartMode)

-updated hosts file

-switched to 128mb /system TPT. (thanks to Amphoras for the layout)

RLS4b changelog: 9.2.2012

-removed lockscreen music controls

RLS4 changelog: 8.2.2012

-switched back to CM7 dialer

-added lockscreen music controls. Play/pause, previous and next buttons are displayd on locksreen when music is playing. (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added volume key cursor controls. Volume up/down keys can be used as d-pad left/right when in text fields. (thanks to azuwis)

-disabled scrolling cache (inspired by AndroidON)

-added long press on back key kills foreground app. I've increased the long press delay to three times normal so this can't be used by accident. Use with caution, only for misbehaving apps! (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added ability to toggle between ringer volume/vibrate/silent using volume keys. Volume down key can be used to toggle between vibrate/silent. (inspired by mkasick)

-reworked the MVNO patch

-enhanced auto-brightness values

-translated power menu options to few languages

-ROM settings translated to ukranian (thanks to Tolma4)

-few other minor tweaks

RLS3 changelog: 31.1.2012

-added volume key music controls. When screen is off and music is playing long press on volume up/down keys changes next/prev music track. (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added statusbar brightness control. Sliding on closed statusbar changes screen brightness (thanks to daryelv)

-modified lockscreen to display next alarm time from any app

-disabled call connect vibrate

-new kernel with undervolted 200mzh & 403mhz freqs, support for OV5640 camera sensor

-replaced CM7 T9 dialer with AOSP dialer

-allowed SIP calls with special characters (thanks to kadettgte)

-ROM settings translated to czech (thanks to vlastik7)

-added arabic, czech, polish and turkish dictionaries to the keyboard

-replaced danish and hebrew dictionaries

-removed georgian dictionary from the keyboard

-updated Voice Search

-updated Terminal Emulator

-added release number to About Phone

RLS2 changelog: 24.1.2012

-added full support for RTL languages (thanks to Madmack)

-ROM settings translated to lithuanian (thanks to Maxsas360)

-ROM settings translated to russian (thanks to Anekc and Maxsas360)

-ROM settings translated to brazilian/portuguese (thanks to DarkCrono)

-ROM settings translated to hungarian (thanks to xside)

-ROM settings translated to finnish

-updated CM7 T9 dialer/contacts (more translations)

-updated CM7 keyboard (Nederlands (België) AZERTY layout included)

-added dutch, hungarian, norwegian and croatian dictionaries to the keyboard

-added support for bootsound (place the sound you want to play during boot to /system/media/audio/ui/bootsound.mp3)

-updated No-Frills CPU Control


Initial release. 17.1.2012

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Nice. Any improvements from MMHP? A wipe is needed? And yay formally I am the FIRST!

Edited by Maxsas360

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Nice. Any improvements from MMHP? A wipe is needed?

Full wipe is needed. No major improvements yet. Or well, it does have that undervolted kernel as a default. It's basically just MMHMP RLS9 on a newer base ROM. Also remember that this is initial release and it is still very likely have some bugs that need to be ironed out.

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good work KonstaT biggrin.gif

hope you don't me asking, but why leave moldovan pie for this rom?

i will be following this rom sure cool.gif

This is the most up to date version of stock ZTE based ROMs. Any future development I'm making is going to happen this ROM in mind (until ZTE releases newer version of course).

MMHMP is very stable/good ROM and if you're happy with it, I guess there is no reason change. :) I think that it is safe to say at this point though that RLS9 is the final release.

Why making the "new" ROM when its the same project ?

Actually it isn't the same project and this is a completely new ROM. Don't be fooled by the looks/feature list. I't just my view of what custom ROM should include/look like. I've had all the ground work done for this ROM since the day it was posted here. MMHMP RLS7 was supposed to be the final release and those added features to RLS8 and RLS9 were originally supposed to be in this one. MMHMP was just a testing platform and since that worked out well, it got couple of "extra" releases. ;)

There won't be vanilla version of this ROM. There won't be numerous add-ons to add support. I will try to keep this simple but continue to modify and add nice new features when ever I can.

Edited by KonstaT

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Because MMHMP is based on official ZTE Libra Gingerbread ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B01 Android 2.3.5 (built Fri Aug 26 05:41:18 HKT 2011)

while this one is based on official Comviq/Tele2 ZTE Blade Gingerbread GB_TELE2_P729VV1.0.0B03 Android 2.3.5 (built Fri Nov 11 01:55:47 HKT 2011)

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Great work....

But i wonder what the.significant differential between MMHMP..

It just the country release or there is improovment performance...?

Just wanna know.

If u left MMHMP so do i... cuz i wanna move on n dont wanna stuck there :rolleyes:

Theres must be something that makes u interested to this swedish rom. Am i right ? ;)

Sent from my ZTE-BLADE using Tapatalk

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Does the undervolted kernel significantly help battery life?

It helps only for battery when the phone is in standby mode and/or the CPU is >=420mhz. Wifi is also undervolted, but the signal drop is not noticeable. Does it help? ALOT!

Edited by Maxsas360

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I will test this ROM ASAP since it has the undervolted Kernel ;)

I'll post some results here.

BTW My device: ZTE Libra (Sapo a5)


Benchmark (Quadrant - Stock CPU Settings):

- CM 7.1 (867);

- SS RLS1 (805);

Battery Life (with WIFI & Sync ON):

- CM 7.1 (Good 5%/hour);

- SS RLS1 (Very Good 2%/hour);

Conclusion: So far so good ;)

Edited by HarryPirate

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Man, I flashed Moldovan R9 yesterday! :lol:

Nice work KonstaT! Thanks for all the marvellous work you've been putting on your ROMs.

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I apologize if my question is stupid but is there a way to put soft buttons like cm7?Thx.

Probably not. It would be very very difficult at least. Use button savior or other similar app instead.

Awesome looks very promising especially, after using your amazing MMHMP. Though I have one question already: Is it possible for you to integrate the circle battery mod again? that one looks way better.

It is possible to make one in UOT Kitchen. I'm not probably going to make it though. I'm sure that someone will at some point. ;) I kinda like the look of the MIUI battery bar now...

Also just came across this:

[ROM] [eclair] Swedish Snow RLS1 [2011-01-05]

Sorry, didn't know. :P I'm open to suggestions if I need to rename this ROM. ;)

Edited by KonstaT
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Swedish Smörgåsbord (Lots of things to eat)

Swedish Skärgård (group of small islands close to shore)

Sweet Sexy Swedes (well we are.. :)

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Let's try to keep the android food naming tradition ;)

Something like this Swedish Supra Sundae for short SSS, though I adore the word supra I don't think it fits very well.

Or name it simply Swedish Sundae.

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