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[Theme/Collection] iPhone (iOS)

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To Android!

In this thread I hope to collect all the available mods for Android to make it look and behave as similar to iPhone as possible.


- This thread is not to discuss which platform is better!

Suggestions are appreciated! Please use my original links.

1 - Wallpapers:

31 Stock iPhone Wallpapers


2 - Sounds:

14 Stock iPhone Sounds converted to OGG by me


3 - Launcher:

In my opinion these 2 are the ones which got closer to the iOS feel without too much trouble.

3.1 - Espier Launcher



3.1.1 - MOD Espier Launcher

3.2 - iLauncher Paid Version (There is a free version but it doesn't include the spotlight feature)



4 - Notifications

iPhone Notifications



5 - Bootscreen

Coming soon...

6 - User Interface Font

Still searching for the exact copy...

7 - Taskbar

7.1 Center Clock and Transparent Taskbar


8 - CyanogenMod 7 Theme

9 - Keyboard Skin (Swype, ShiftKey...)

Still searching...

Everything that can be downloaded directly to your mobile as QR Code so you don't have to manually input the address.

All this was tested in My ZTE Blade / Libra (Sapo a5) with CyanogenMod 7


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v 0.1: Wallpapers;

v 0.2: Sounds;

v 0.3: Launcher;

v 0.4: Notifications;

v 0.5: Center clock & Transparent taskbar

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