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ZTE PM1152 Tabula (V9) : roms ?

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Hi all,

Recently I was given this model of ZTE but with version 2.1 of Android.

I asked if the ZTE plans to produce an upgrade but they said no, so I went looking for a cooked ROM.

I managed to install ClockworkMod, but if I load the rom CM7 for V9 to restart the tablet enters a loop and will not start.

Below I will list the information on the device:- model number : PM1152 Tabula (V9)

- Firmware version : 2.1-update1

- Wave version : V9B01

- Kernel version : 2.6.29 [email protected]

- Build number : POSTE_V9V1.0.0B03

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No one?

I think this tablet is only a variant of V9 base but is gen1 or gen2 ? :/


If it's 2.1, it's gen1. You need to upgrade to gen2 before flashing cyanogenmod, otherwise the partition sizes will be wrong. First you need to flash the stock recovery again, use any of these that are 2.1:


Then follow the instructions here to upgrade to gen2 and install cyanogenmod at the same time: http://android.modaco.com/topic/342556-repartition-nand-for-optimal-cm7-setup-2011-08-15/

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from the sound of it, its a gen1 device, did you install a gen1 or gen2 version of ClockWorkMod recovery?

if its a gen1 device the first thing you need to do is find and follow the upgrade post that is on this forum...

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