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ezPDF reader on vegacomb

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Has anyone got this working? I get various errors with almost all of my pdf files stored on either the internal memory or on a usb stick but they open fine with adobe reader (it's just not as good an app)

The errors I get all point towards damaged or invalid pdf files but I know they are OK as they open OK on the pc and haven't been corrupt during transfer because they open OK with the adobe app?

edit - some files just won't open while other open but appear too currupt to read, others seem to make the whole app force close :(

Any ideas?



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considered using the foxit pdf viewer instead ?

Thanks - I've had a look - it doesn't look as good as ezpdf but I may give it a try if I can't get this working, at the moment I'm just trying to find out if others have it working, if it works OK for everyone else I can try a ROM reflash.


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Use it.. Love it..

Currently on Corvus5 at the moment.. But used under HoneyIce too..

You may have an issue with the way you are coping then over.. Try a dropbox account?

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Thanks for the replies.

Tried using usb, smb and dropbox to copy them over - I've managed to replicate the problem on my OSF phone now too - I'm happy that the files on the device are fine.

It works fine when I just import 1 folder into the 'My docs' section but when I import all of my folders which contain pdf files

Dir structure like this




etc etc

If I import the aaaaa dir then it all works fine but if I import all of the Documents dir which contains 26 sub directories each with 1 or 2 pdf's in then I get problems with almost every file I open - I'm not sure I explained that very well but do any of you have a similar setup or is there a better way to do it? Well not so much import I guess they are just like shortcuts.

Strangely it seems to work fine if I just put one directory at a time into the 'my docs' section.

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