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Review - PonyPhoto Software(For Windows Phone 7)

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As a fan of Window Phone 7, I amalways addicted to trying all of the apps for Win7 phone. So, here I am,PonyPhoto is an app that I tried for these few weeks, And the following is myopinions about this app and I do hope it could give the Win7 phone fans someinspirations out there.

PonyPhoto is a photo editing appthat lets you apply various effects and frames on you photo taken with your WindowsPhone 7. Save the modified photos and then share through Facebook, Twitter orFlickr with friends and family as much as you want!

While there are quite a few appsthat could do the same, I’ve found PonyPhoto has more advantages. The list offeatures provided by this app includes adding image effects, changing image’sshape, changing image’s size, adding frames, creating photo to animated GIFsimages, collaging! I am getting tired, but there is some other worth mentioningfeatures as well. One of the most notable among them is allowing users to convertingseveral static photos to a dynamic photo and output as a Gif image format. Thatmeans, you could make your pictures “Move” on your phone. Sounds so exciting asthe Windows Phone 7 default media library does not support the Gif image.Another notable feature of this app is allowing users to sending the photos toFacebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Perhaps, powerful is the best wordto sum up the whole legend of success of the PonyPhoto. It is a fantastic appfor everyone who wants to add some cool effects to his photos!. As with otherimage editing apps, PonyPhoto offers a far more tangible experience whenapplying effects than a trackpad or mouse, but when compared to similar appsI’ve come across so far, PonyPhoto is, for now at least, one ofthe very best.

Features include:

* Filter Effects (about 20 highquality photo effects)

* Add frames

* Crop and re-size Photos

* Convert photo to animated GIFsimages

* Rotate Photos

* Adjust Brightness

* Adjust Contrast

* Collage photos

* Save and share the photos toFacebook, Twitter and Flickr


The app is $0.99 with a trialversion on MarketPlace.

More info: http://www.ponyphotoeditor.com/

Btw, I am not the developer orfriends of the developers here, I am just a user of PonyPhoto who are here toprovide imformation so that we can communicate and make all of us have better mobileexperience. So, any opinions or corrections are very welcome in this post. Iwould really love to make friends here.

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Interesting, you claim you are not linked to the developer but this is the second advert for this app and from a second account from the same location.

If you are the developer or related please tell us we are more likely to keep your post rather than mark it as possible spam.

Interesting the app uses the front camera as well which is a nice touch, first app I have seen the give me a compatibility warning as my camera does not have a front camera.

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