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Hi! Yesterday I decided to buy Desire from a guy which he told me is broken. When his wife wanted to update it something happened and it stack on the HTC logo. I thought that it is just for reflashing.

I got it and start flashing. Tried official 2.2 Froyo. And for the hell he stuck on the 35% Updating Radio. I wait around 15 minutes and unplug the usb. After that when the HTC restarted it showed htc logo and four ! and triangles in the 4 corners. When I want to go to the bootloader it showed a little different. I cant do anything. Just shown HBOOT version, RADIO and etc.

I also tried to flash with the official 2.3 from htcdev. Nothing.. It goes to 18% MID/CID and stuck.

Can someone help me? It is S-ON, not rooted, and the HBOOT upgraded itself to 1.02 when i tried 2.3 from htcdev.

I will be very happy if I succeed.

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from this download


rename in PB99IMG.zip

put in SD card

boot up phone in bootlouder instal PB99IMG. then tray ruu flashing

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i have exactly the same problem and searched everywhere on the web, but wasnt able to get it working

- like toncata, i'm seeing a black screen + htc logo + 4 exclamation marks

- i can't boot into bootloader with vol-down + power (so the PB99IMG on sccard won't help, right? i put it there anyway)

- when i connect via usb to my pc and disconnect again, i can see hboot info, radio, date and on the bottom "RUU" (look at the photo)

- i seem to be able to send fastboot commands, at least rebooting works, but flashing is not possible...signature fails, not allowed and such things.

guess this is because of S-ON? (i'm not familiar with htc phones, since i only had to deal with samsung and sony ericsson devices)


after i found 2 matching RUUs (vodafone uk froyo OR htc ginger upgrade):

- RUU recognizes the phone and starts flashing, but ends up with fails on partition updates

- i extracted the img.zip of both RUUs and tried to flash via fastboot, which also ends up with "remote 51:partition updated fail" (screenshot below)



Edited by Saintscar

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I have the same problem and reports the Saintscar toncata I do?

Sorry my English because I am Brazilian and I do not speak English.

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bravo pvt1 ship s-on



touch panel-synt0101


aug 10 2010.17:52:18

My desire is so, what to do?

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HTC is becoming more and more popular nowadays in young generation. It has launched many smart phones at a many range to compete with Nokia and Samsung. It has a valuable reputation in the market. It is not like that you don't have to worry. It's all phones are better.

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