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Hi There

I am new here but in major need of some advice.

I have a Galaxy S2 which has recently become an expensive paperweight.

I recently updated the phone to what I thought was a stablish version of ICS, after having battery issues I decided to go back to the version I had before. my phone is not rooted and do not have clockwork mod on it (was not required for the ISC install) but now I get into what looks like a bootloop but it looks like there is nothing on the phone for it to boot. when in recovery mode it hass all this red writing saying it cant find certain files and it can't open other files.

Any advice on getting my phone working would be great

Really desperate to get my phone working!!!

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it really sucks, espacially the night before valentine's day? :P jk

anyway, assuming that you went back to GB by using odin? all you need to do right now is get into recovery and do a factory reset/wipe. your phone should be up and running.

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The ICS battery issues can also be resolved by pulling the battery for several minutes, then replacing it and FULLY charging the battery with the phone turned OFF.

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