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[X8] Achotjan Semc Debrand Engine | V1.0_Final | FreeXperia Project | Released

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FreeXperia Semc Debrand Engine STOCK Remplacement ROM


Hy this is a SE Unofficial Update ROM on cm7.2 Core with Latest SE Xperia Mini fereware app and UI , its Safe Stable and Feature Rish

this rom is Build using My Semc Debrand Engine sources, and cm7.2 sources

Feature Inclueded In This Rom :

--- Bravia Engine ---

--- Xperia Mini Theme ! ---

--- xLOUD ---

--- based on latest (Gingerbread) CM-7.2 2.3.7 ---

--- Facebook inside Xperia and more ... ---

Credits : nobodyAtall , Free Xperia team , Sony thanks Bakabon19 for xperia S styled miui music player !



  • unlocked bootloader
  • nAa kernel ! http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1350484

    Added From Xperia Mini 2.3.4 Fereware
    • Facebbok inside Xperia
    • Timescape
    • Semc Phone
    • InfiniteView
    • Track ID
    • And all 2.3.4 SE app ...


      • phone & data
      • location (GSM and GPS)
      • BT
      • Multi Tuch (2finger)
      • sensors
      • Voice Command
      • GPS
      • USB Storage
      • video playback
      • video and audio streaming
      • camera


[*]Do a factory reset[*]Wipe Cache Partition[*]Wipe Dalvick cache[*]Wipe Battery stats[*]Flash the update.zip package via CWM[*]Enjoy !

Check Post #2 for detailed changelog for each version




The rom is now final , if you liked my work and want to thank me then pleas buy me a Coffe :)

i haven't the device in hand now , so will not be able to release new updates , if you really want to have more update on this rom , and a future ICS CM9 semc debrand engine so , donate me and wrote here on the thread the amount and confirmation number if i have necessary money to buy this device i will gladly buy the device and continue to work on





Edited by Achotjan

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---- Achotjan_Semc_Debrand_Engine_CM7.2_V1.0_Final ----

Changelog :

- fixed bluteouth 

- fixed Wifi

- added new radio app ( Xperia Arc 2.3.4 ) 

- changed walkman player  by Xperia S moded miui Player !

- fixed aire plane mode switch

- fixed usb teathering 

- fixed wifi teathering

- fixed brightness issue 

- fixed lockscreen bugs 

- updated all system apps with latest one 

--- Features add : 

- added compas 

- added xperia notes 

- cm7 themechosser  integreated into home and setting.apk again !

- track id is now also available inside the radio app ![/CENTER]
---- Achotjan_Semc_Debrand_Engine_CM7.2_V1.0_Beta-2 ----
[CENTER][B]Changelog :[/B][/CENTER]

- foxed bluteouth 

- fixed headphone 

- fixed status bar 

- added new radio app 

- added gallery 3d 

- added walkman player (miuimusic by forgy..)

- fixed facebook inside xperia connection random issue 

- fixed random reboot 

- optimized the whole rom , to be stable 

- all stability releated bus fixed ! ( no more random reboot or other )

- fixed app install 

- fixed market app install 

- fixed market sync random bootlop 

- partially fixed wifi ( need somme report to see if is working for all )

--- Features add : 

- Added Ultra brightness into Cyanogenmodsettings / display 

- Semc themes rebuilded fr mdpi support !

- cm7 themechosser  integreated into home and setting.apk 

ps : not ask for theme issue that it not change the wallpaper 

its not a issue or bug its a feature all semc wallpepers are available 

on wallpaper/sony ericsson wallpaper

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