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total newbie to the world of android and vega

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Hi Folks,

first time post, I have got a myself a second hand Advent Vega 10.1. I am well pleased with it but find the version of Android on it very unstable (See version below). Can some please recommend the best version to install and is it possible to install it using an Apple Mac? If you guys can post links on tutorials I would very much appreciate it. I have googled and read quite a bit but a lot of the stuff is flying over my head, I would just like a a basic rom, event the latest stock that has access to the Android Market. Thanks kindly in advance.

Android Version 3.2

Kernel Version

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I too would be grateful to pointers to updating a refurbished Vega just arrived from Currys.

Where best to download the files from sites that have not recently been closed and a blow by blow account of how to easily do the loading.

Pointers to reliable and fool proof directions would be appreciated!


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