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Possible Andypad ICS tease?

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From the official twitter account of Andypad (@andypaduk):

The prequel, a week ago: https://twitter.com/#!/AndyPadUK/status/171639058957746177

(as a reply to user @1275CE) Nothing much to report at the moment...I know you guys want to hear news about ICS- hopefully we will be able to confirm this soon..

Yesterday's "hint"? https://twitter.com/#!/AndyPadUK/status/174099948864929792

Monday morning, and Club Tropicana comes on first thing at Andy Pad HQ.. brings to mind images of cool Ice Cream Sandwiches...

I'm just posting these here because it's been too quiet. :)

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Well the ICS code is available and I know other Rockchip devices have ICS ports going so.. it's possible. I hope they bring it out for the Andy Pad!

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