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Unable to download attachements in Gmail while on 3g/H + Expired session to market

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While everything related to data seems to work ok on my Galaxy Nexus (receving new emails / Rss updating ...) I'm completly unable to download attachements contained in a email when I'm NOT connected on a Wireless network.

If linked to a wireless network, everything is working ok.

When I'm on 3g or H, I press download attachements, and it's trying to download, sometimes couple seconds, sometimes 15-20 seconds before showing can't download attachements.

Trying to show the attachement, if it's a PDF for example, doesn't work either as it's trying to load the file but end up failing.

I don't know if it's related but accessing to market is really tedious aswell when I'm not on Wifi : getting usually a connexion expired message before seeing home screen.

I believe it's carrier related as it's working ok via wifi, but wonder if there's setting I have to change to fix these problems (my carrier is Tango in Luxemburg)

Any input or help will be appreciated...

Best regards

I'm currently on MDC ir10

I tried aswell on a fresh build of AOKP, but was still failing.

I can upload failed d/l ss if required

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