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[ROM] MIUI Mix &Match v0.9 beta

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Hi guys,

Here I bring you a CM7 based MIUI port, that’s why I call it Mix & Match.

The base of this ROM is CM 7.2 (Ice Armor III by kelzsoca).

The MIUI part is mainly ported from a MIUI port for Blade, made by andalululu. According to andalululu it's complied from MiCode's Patchrom and also based on CM7. He's probably the 1st one succeeded in porting MIUI Gingerbread, so praise him for the hard work.

Current version: MIUI Mix &Match v0.9 beta (No need to wipe if updating from v0.6 or above)

Download link

MD5 Checksum: 9327d2d44b2729083e9b8b4977e456f1

Flash order:

1. boot into clockwork recovery

2. wipe data/factory reset

3. install .zip from sdcard

4. reboot and enjoy the new ROM!


0.9 beta Download link 10/4/2012

FIX Phone FC on unknown number calling (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX Fonts changing improved (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX The style of preference menus now can be changed along with themes (Thanks to andalululu)

Other minor corrections

0.81 beta Download link 4/4/2012

FIX Stuck in Boot loop with 0.8beta

0.8 beta Download link 3/4/2012

FIX Display of telephone number location when making calls(Thanks to andalululu)

NEW Fonts could be changed with theme manager(Thanks to andalululu)

FIX Further improved colour contrast of preference menus

FIX Volume adjust popup now could be changed with theme change

FIX Status Icons improved (some of them are from theDIO)

NEW A-GPS Patch included for faster GPS locating (Thanks to CoaBalboa)

0.7 beta Download link 24/3/2012

FIX Theme change now can be fully applied without restart.(Thanks to andalululu)

FIX Call recorder. (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX The theme of phoning will change along with global theme. (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX WiFi hotspot!

FIX Unreadable items in some preference menus in v0.6

Other minor corrections

0.6 beta Download link 17/3/2012

NEW A preliminary version of MIUI settings has been ported.(Thanks to andalululu)

FIX Progress bar and seek bar now can be themed. Improved appearance of popup windows. (Thanks to jardonkobe)

NEW MIUI animations added.

FIX Increased the default auto-brightness levels.

Other minor corrections

0.51 beta Download link 15/3/2012

FIX Problems of v0.5 when doing a clean install

0.5 beta Download link 14/3/2012

NEW Added Darktremor support. Now you can install Darktremor Apps2SD to move apps to SD card. In additon reboot when mounted USB storage can be prevented by creating an EXT partition on SD card.

FIX Apps not working including Google shopper,Netwest/RBS,line,whatsapp,and tuenti.

FIX Notification area now can be themed (Thanks to 夢の終わり)

FIX Chinese name display of mobile network carrier.

NEW Added Chinese language for MIUI gallery

0.41 beta Download link 10/3/2012

FIX Remove XLoud Engine to make the music player work normally

v0.4 beta Download link 10/3/2012

FIX Mobile network setting bug (Thanks to andalululu)

NEW Sony XLoud Engine - supposed to enhance the volume/sound quality (Thanks to solidchips)

Other minor corrections

v0.3 beta Download link 9/3/2012

NEW MIUI phoning interface has been ported (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX Inproved MIUI launcher/theme: The UI should be smoother and of less FC (Thanks to andalululu)

NEW Updated Adreno EGL Graphics libs to improve 3D performance (Thanks to C3C0)

NEW MIUI gallery added (Thanks to Dirtburgler)

NEW CM screenshot has been enabled, as you can access it by long press Power button when notification bar is set as 'compact'

NEW MIUI official blue theme included instead of the black one for better visibility; also an examinationEX theme

All pre-installed apps are updated to the latest versions

Other minor corrections

V0.2 beta Dowload Link 2/3/2012

FIX music app (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX MIUI Theming improved (Thanks to andalululu)

FIX headphone button control (Thanks to Kelzsoca )

NEW MIUI official black theme included

NEW Dspmananger

V0.1 beta Dowload Link 1/3/2012

Initial realease


1.Mix & Match Rom can fit a 130M System, 2M Cache partition layout.

2.Latest version of superuser and Ti backup are installed in data partition, thus it can be easily updated in the future.

3.No Gapps (Gmail, maps, talk etc.) are preinstalled. You can just download any gapps you want from the market.

4.If you encounter problems of launcher force close /laggy, please try the following setting:

MENU button->Launcher settings->Turn off the Icon shadow option

5.By long pressing the ". . ." sign on the top right corner of the third sceenshot, you'll be able to access further notification bar options. And if the toggles style is set to 'compact', you could access CM restart and screenshot menu when long pressing Power button.

6. Some menus of MIUI settings can only be displayed in Chinese. If you prefer multi-language CM settings, flash this zip in CWM recovery after the installation of MIUI M&M.

Working MIUI features:



MIUI themes manager










Phoning including call recorder(new in v0.3)

gallery (new in v0.3)

settings (new in v0.6)

Known issues

1.Since andalululu has only built a partial MiUI port for blade, some interfaces in Mix & Match ROM remain in CM7 as well, like Settings, calling, and so on.

2.Native WiFi hotspot is not working, please use external apps e.g."wireless tether". (fixed in v0.7)

3.The launcher and/or theme is not absolutely stable.

4.Reboot happens only if an app has been installed on the SD card and is running (including running in background) when mounting USB storage, or sometimes when installing/ uninstalling apps. (could be fixed if creating an EXT partition on SD with Darktremor Apps2SD from v0.5. Another workaround is to use the app "Dual Mount SD" )

5.The notification bar cannot be themed, wil stay in the original white background. (fixed in v0.5)

6. MIUI Phone.apk will FC when a unknown number is calling (e.g. international call, Skype call, etc.). You can fix it by flashing attached zip in post #266 (fixed in v0.9)

Some sceenshots:





Kelzsoca & apeelme

MIUI team

CyanogenMod team

Edited by xiaoyaoswim
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Cool! :) I'm very interested in this ROM laugh.gif what about themes? CM7 Theme Chooser or MIUI Themes?

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Please upload !!! Hope its stable and not a battery eater !!wink.gif

Hi guys,

I just tried to mix a ported Blade MIUI with Skate CM 7.2.

Although it is not a complete MIUI port, some of the MIUI features work, e.g.launcher, dialer, sms, note etc..

Some sceenshots:





If there are many of you interested in this ROM, I will upload it.

Edited by JThumar
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Does this have ice armor as the cm7 base ?

It would be good as ice armor is the best cm7 build.

Edited by Guest

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Yes, I use Ice Armor III as the CM7 base.

Still testing and improving the ROM, will upload MIUI-CM7 Mix&Match V0.1 beta today.

WOW so it will be an awesome combination.Looking forward to trying it out,I love ice armor,so a bit of miui will be an even better rom.

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[ROM] MIUI Mix&Match V0.1 beta uploadinglaugh.gif

Great job you've done here friend ... Congratulations! I'm downloading now to test ... I love the ROM Miui! =]

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Well done....super rom

Great job you've done here friend ... Congratulations! I'm downloading now to test ... I love the ROM Miui! =]

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Hats off dude........This is just superb !!

1. Music player not in English(can this be turned into english ? How ?)

2. Status bar Toggles option does not have option like menu to view at bottom,battery display in percentage(this was there in MIUI made by tilal, not sure if its something to do with version of MIUI)

3. Many Cynogen settings not working like battery display in %.

4. MIUI Themes are working biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

This is the ROM i was looking for with interface of MIUI and stability of CM7...........

Edited by JThumar

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now going to work

wil try later :)

anyone confirm if soft buttons and tablet settings are still available from ice armour

keep up the good work :lol: and Thank you

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Booting for first time now! Very excited, but I've seen the Boot-logo for a very long time now...

I just turned out the battery and it worked after a reboot! Nice work man!

Edited by BladeSimon

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The music app and note app are in chinese, and my Google contacts don't synchronize, but great rom !

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