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connect Wii to WiFi internet with huawei e586 mobile wifi hotspot

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Do you know Wii? Most of people may say yes, the Wii is a wonderful game console launched by Nintendo on November, 2006. And have you remembered that we have talked about another video game console in our blog before – the Microsoft’s Xbox 360? We could say that these two game consoles have formed intense competition, and after the comparison, you may find that the Nintendo Wii has a remarkable advantage, which has the built-in nintendo wii wifi function, and the Xbox 360 doesn’t have, that means the Nintendo Wii WiFi connection is much easier than Xbox.


The modern people like to enjoy the wireless WiFi connection wherever they are and whenever it is, besides the iPhone, iPad, android tablets, android smartphones, Macbook and other WiFi devices, the game consoles are also very popular that may be widely used in the trivial life, and the used coverage is not just limited to the wired environment, they want to connect Wii to WiFi Internet as their wishes, so the WiFi network can’t be ignored, and as stated above, due to Wii WiFi function, what we need to do is getting a portable wireless router (such as Huawei E586 Mobile WiFi hotspot) and making some installations.

About the nintendo Wii WiFi setup, we talk it in details now, just like the installations used on the smartphones. Click the “Wii” (Wii Options) button –>and then jump to the second page to choose the “Wii Settings” –> select “internet” –>then “Connection Settings”, you may find that there are three options, that means Wii could save three connection settings, so click one of them casually–>then choose “Wireless Connection” rather than “Wired Connection” –> Choose “Search for an Access Point” not the other two options (Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector and Manual Setup) –>Choose the access point you want to connect to and click “OK” –>and in this step, you should pay attention, if you find that the padlock is gold, you should fill in your Wii WiFi WAP key that could be found at the bottom of your 3G wireless hotspot–> Save the setting and click “OK” to begin the test of Wii WiFi connection.


That’s it, the basic setting of connecting Wii to WiFi, most of you must be very familiar with it, and in order to ensure the successful of the overall wireless connection, please move the Wii closer to the 3G WiFi router and ensure the correct WAP key.

So the Wii WiFi is available, now you can connect to the wireless network through the game console’s built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, and the user could play the games with international game players or talk with them, thanks to the wireless router.

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