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How to choose a 3g router for internet on 3ds

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You can have a lot of choice to pick out a 3g router to access the internet, but for internet on 3ds, it may hard to decide which to buy, Being a gamer of internet on 3ds means that you will want to have fast internet access at all times, whether you are involved in a multiplayer match-up with friends or you want to stream the latest gameplay clips and trailers from YouTube. In my opinion, with the following four tips you will be able to find that Huawei E586 Wireless Modem Router will be the most appropriate router to support your enjoyable pastime.


The main concern for internet on 3ds will be the speed with which they can access the internet. This will dictate how fast you can download patches and updates and how quickly you can find matches to join in multiplayer scenarios. So the speed of 3g router is very important, Huawei E586 Wireless Modem Router is a HSPA+ wireless modem router that has download speed of up to 21.6 Mbps. Huawei 21Mbps Mobile hotspot allows you to connect at speeds up to 40% faster than previous devices! It allows you to use and share your mobile broadband connection with up to 5 devices such as Laptops, Smartphones, iPads etc…Huawei E586 MiFi can give you an excellent gaming experience.

Stable signal

Choose a 3g router is not determined simply by its theoretical download and upload speeds. It is also depending on whether your 3g mobile hotspot can provide the stable signal. The broadband provider said the Huawei E586 Wireless Modem Router provides fast, stable, secure Wi-Fi for tablets, laptops and internet on 3ds.



Battery life is also a factor for internet on 3ds to decide which 3g router to buy, for many reason, you may forget to charge your 3g router, if your 3g mobile hotspot have a long time battery life, you will not worry about that problem when you are enjoying internet on 3ds. Huawei E586 Wireless Modem Router has a battery good for up to 5hrs active use and uses a standard Micro USB connection for charging.


The Mobile connection cost is the most important factor for you to decide on. Data limits, connection types and 3g router speed is directly related to the price. You can buy Huawei E586 Wireless Modem Router only for $169 at modem3g.

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