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USB storage damaged error :(

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I got an odd message on phone that my newly updated Google Marketplace - now rebadged as Google Play - was 'missing' from my phone. I'd used it earlier on today without any problems.

So I rebooted the phone .. and now have the more than annoying message that my USB storage area is knackered and needs reformatting sad.gif

I should have enough apps/data backed up in Titanium backup and online via Gmail (contacts & SMS) but why now after it's been working fine all day long sad.gif

What would have caused this?

Is it just an unlucky random thing and I've got to format the USB area, restore everything I can do with Titanium and then fill in the gaps as best as I can?

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Now that was damned weird.

I formatted the USB, rebooted and everything was back to normal. I had to re-download a few odds and sods but it's all there as it was a few hours ago.

A lucky escape methinks. Best do a fresh Titanium Backup just in case.

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Annoyingly, it wiped all my Titanium backups and my DroidSound files (got to have my fix of C64 music!) but everything else was either in DropBox and/or The Box. Must start backing up my Titanium files to the cloud from now on, just in case :)

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