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[ROM][WIP][12MAR] TripNDroid OS - EggyEnergy [1.3]

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Features:Most gapps are included

TripNDroid settings

Custom lockscreen

Apex Launcher

Bluetooth v4

CRT and Bravia Engine

Custom themed apps

Rom is based upon CyanogenMod sources, AOSP sources, AOKP sources and alot of handpicked github mods

.Information:>Feature list and included apps can change at any time, the official release is planned for summer 2012. Untill official release non of the features are guarenteed to be included in the official release. Because of the fact this will be released as a full operating system you may expect that gapps will be included in the official releaseRom will require a full wipe untill the official release!

Credits:CyanogenMod git

CyanogenMod gerrit




If i forgot you PM me.



if you like the teams work, hit thanks and if you want please buy us an ice cold beer :D

Twitter: EggyEnergy

Changelog 11-3-2012

Changed to Apex launcher

Fixed no wifi selection in setup

Fixed Fc in setup beginning

Added Themed Camera

Added Themed MMS

Added Themed Voice

Added Themed Youtube

Added Themed Gmail

Changed Music with themed widget

Added ICS Clock

Added Some .apk i forgot in 1.1

Changed updater script a bit

Changelog 12-3-2012

Full hardware video decoder (1080P accelerated)

Modified V8

Modified webkit acceleration for msm8x60 chipsets

Bluetooth fixed

Upgraded performance (~7000 Antutu)

Fixed camera fc

New kernel provides OC to 1536 MHz

Added Nova Launcher again, maybe fixes for some people some strange glitches.

Edited by eggyenergy666
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Pics won't download from mms app. It works with gosms or handcent but not the stock mms. Another thing is if a third party SMS is installed, the stock app is silence even though in the settings it says notifications ON and vibrate, but its silenced. Other than that I love it!

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