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sam tyler

applying racer digitizer screen on racer(Part 3)

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Right,this new thread is for applying the touch screen to the surround.WARNING.....IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE NOT UP TO THIS,TAKE THE SCREEN AND PHONE TO A PHONE REPAIR SHOP I DO NOT FIX PHONES.first,take the phone apart as seen i my last thread(applying racer screen on racer part2)then watch this video form youtube,the phone in the video a ZTE blade/san Francisco(but it apply`s to our phone as well)i know its a hair dryer,but it works! here is the link.

next,in this pic,these are things i used to apply the screen. post-914473-0-58978200-1331485756_thumb. i.e. cotton wool buds,wd40 type cleaner,(you can you other cleaners,but this is what i had to hand)also in the pic you see the double sided tape for touch screens,(you can get this from ebay.)the size is 2mm. now spray some of the cleaner on to the cotton wool bud,(please dont breath it in!) then wipe the excess glue from the surround. post-914473-0-52943300-1331486202_thumb. as you dont want the glue touching the glue from the tape.when you have removed the old glue,cut lengths of the tape to fit around the surround post-914473-0-69005800-1331486443_thumb. making sure you dont cross the tape,and dont cover the ribbon on the surround,also (where pointer is)the hole for the mic.here a pic with tape on. post-914473-0-73510200-1331486685_thumb. then,just pull away the backing and you should be left with the tape on phone. post-914473-0-36320600-1331486795_thumb.(this bit can be tricky,and if you get annoyed easy,get some one else to this bit!! now offer up the screen to the surround(making note of ribbon which needs to go through the slot on the front of the surround) post-914473-0-53626800-1331487001_thumb. (sorry the pic is not clear enough)once the ribbon is through the slot,gently press down on the screen(not to hard!)move the surround/screen around to make sure the screen makes contact with the tape.then just give both sides of the screen a wipe with a lint free cloth,or the the cloth you get with you glasses.and hopefully,you should have now have a complete screen and surround.i am putting a screen guard on mine post-914473-0-55340600-1331487424_thumb. if you put one of these guards on you can now play chase the air bubbles! now put he phone back together,as per my last thread( applying racer digitizer screen on racer(Part 2) and now you should a nice clean front! .....good luck!

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