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android market issues

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Hi all, i have a vega 1 which i loaded the original modoca update to with android market. I have an issue now in that if i hit the market icon it goes to a blank screen then imediately goes back to the home screen??? Any ideas on what to do? Cheers Tony

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It's because Anroid market has changed to "Google play".

That confused me for a few minutes, The market app dissappeared and i didnt notice play. I then reflashed ICS to get it back and then noticed market app change to play after I ran the market for he first time.

I would have thought google would send an email to all android users to inform us of the change.

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Market was still accessing the android market as it threw up a confirm sign in to play one day but took one or two days to decide to update to play then through up a ! notification indicating that installation of play had failed and the market icon had vanished but then when i rebooted play was there.

My suggestion to the op was going to be to upgrade to vegacomb 3.2 v9 with update 3 then let it update to play.

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