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sometimes hangs and needs battery pulled

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hi i have a problem with the Blaze i bought from P4u UK at Xmas as a present.

sometimes the phone hangs, charging doesn't work, no response from any buttons. only reinserting battery seems to wake it uo. does a full reboot and seems fine, has happened a few times now. kind of serious since user is non-technical.

running stock gingerbread rom.

apps: ADW launcher, wheres my droid, fancy widget, flash notify, go keyboard, k9 and a few minor ones

services: ADW notifier, settings, google services, com.huawei.socialext (how do i kill this?!), weather clock, my calender, maps, go keyboard, android live wallpaper,

not exactly sure what happened before hang as it isn't my phone. it seems to work fine when i use it.

RAM is tight (around 50MB free right now)

not sure what else might be relevant? might try changing roms later but was hoping for Cyanogen, can't find a good working CM for this phone?

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