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Im new to android and ROMing and installing things on my phone. but i read forums and other websites and still cant get a recovery on my ZTE cresent.

I've followed the steps given in another forum and went to fast boot it.

my code was as follows:


adb reboot bootloader

* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *

* daemon started succesfully *

fastboot flash recovery C:\Android\recovery.img

< waiting for device >


And then it stops there and doesn't do anything else. I've left it for hours on end and it still just stays the same

Any help?

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I have read through that and given it a shot, but got to a point where it would not recognise my phone, but recognised the port.

This is fairly straightforward - I used it & it worked fine on my TMV. http://android.modac...mple-windows-7/

and if you are still having problems here's another alternative method

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