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i used htc wildfire s about 6 month ago, the problem is after i get software update from htc officially, once i installed it my graphic display was not working correctly. when try to play the games its too lag and stuck.. My wifi also got error it can't be on!!!!

FYI b4 that i was update HBOOT to PG76IMG.ZIP...

what i have to do now?huh.gif

any suggestion for me???

actually i don't want waste money to send it to shop sad.gif

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Here is what I would suggest:

Assuming you haven't flashed experimental custom roms to your phone, this works...

If you've flashed something that utilizes apps2sd, cMTD or basically anything [which mem is a challenge with wfs; so oft helpful] reformat your /sdext as well. [The ext partition of your micro sd card]. Guides about so I won't go into "how" except to say sdcard reader/writer as opposed to a recovery wipe

Ok type in "xda wildfire s" into your google search; go to development threads [for wildfire s], very first "stickied" thread is a guy named Football [go ahead and at least click his thanks button].. download the RUU appropriate to your carrier. Now, assuming you have a windows workstation, plug your phone in and run the RUUxx.exe ; This will put the original factory rom back on your device [usually the first step a repair shop would take]. Now, I'm gonna guess you htcdev unlocked; why bc to unlock via their method, you must update your bootloader... And most of the support I've been a part of, running an ota and switching back to the carrier hboot didn't play so well. However, if you go from original factory to ota, things play out much nicer. ;)

Hope that helps you bud.


PS If this should NOT fix you, log a case with your carrier repair shop, revert back to RUU and disable the OTA notifications until they contact you regarding fix [official carrier support is free and you can send your phone in as well; unless you have s-off'd].

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