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Is there anyway to save my OMC/ZTE Skate!?

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I used TPT helper to get into clockwork recovery, once there I couldn't apply the update.zip file. When trying to reboot, my phone automatically boots into Recovery, (although after fiddling around with some settings I did manage to get It not to boot Into recovery, but even then it was just stuck on ZTE logo, which is strange anyway because its usually says Orange) anyway after doing this I though I would try and install a custom ROM just to see if it would work, I tried it with a few custom and a stock ROM as well (I did this by mounting USB storage and moving it across) but there was always an error like cannot find file or something. My overall aim now is to just go back to the stock ROM and use that.

Thanks for reading, any help at all will be greatly appreciated.


p.s. when I go onto mount and storage I can mount everything but sd-ext, I don't know if this is part of the problem....

also It was unlocked, not sure if it is now after doing all those wipes.

Any reply's and advise will greatly appreciated.

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