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Newbie seeking - Vodafone S2 ((UK)) rom

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Hi All,

I am new so please be gentle with me ... but I am also very stupid.

I bought a Galaxy S2 just after the iphone 4s was released (helped me make my decision) and liked it but the S2 would keep having 'force close' errors on apps.

Anyway, got to a point where I couldn't use the phone and it was an expensive brick.

So, being dumb - I went googling and found a 'how to root your phone s2' - obviously american site, thinking that if I rooted it I could change the software and all would be ok.

Wrong. I rooted it fine not a problem, but odd errors occuring and now I have booked it in under samsung guarentee to have it returned to them.

I tried to un-root tonight (again back to that good old website! and did it via PDA box on Odin v1.85

Fine ... however I have completely the wrong software on there and it isn't back at factory standard (which it was sold to me) and being dumb I didn't make a note of what my factory standard was at the time (for Vodafone UK) and I have to send this phone in the next few days or samsung chuck my call repair ticket out of their queue - plus in the process I have invalidated the warranty on my phone.

Anyway, this is what is coming up on my phone at the moment:


pda: I9100XXLPQ

Phone: I9100XXLPQ


Build Info: Fri Mar 9 01:58:19 KST 2012

Please can anyone help me get it back to how it was sold to me so doesn't invalidate my warranty when it goes back to samsung?

Thank you

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You can try going here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1113928

Look for Vodafone UK, now as for trying to retrive the firmware version...well, i can't help you on that. (I am sure another lovely person on here can however).

Here are your Vodafone UK choices:




BUKE1 Stock Kernel: http://www.multiupload.com/FHQDKQDXTE

">Firmware info: PDA:BUKE5| PHONE:BUKE1| CSC:VODKE2

BUKE5 Stock Kernel:http://www.multiupload.com/EQ8RFFVB7A



BUKG2 Stock Kernel:http://www.multiupload.com/EDZSOA710N




BUKJ3 Stock Kernel: http://www.multiupload.com/DLLNZST33J">

Password: [email protected]

Now since this is a receent phone, I am just guessing here, but it should be one of the last 2 options on this list.

I hope i helped you, If you need any further assistance with this issue, don';t be afraid to ask me or another more experienced person (There are lots of them)

EDIT 1: I will try to remove the copy, paste format error.

Edited by Androidlover287

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Thanks - still really unsure of which one to go for - I'll pop a call to vodafone tomorrow and ask when I bought it (Samsung were asking for that info anyway).

Just looked up when iphone 4s was released and that was approx. 14th Oct. Will update back when I know more from voda.

Thanks for the quick response :)

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p.s. I got into this mess as I took the phone to vodafone and they said that it needs 'flashing' but I would have to back up everything first.

Backed up everything and as it's a 30 min drive to nearest voda shop I googled how to flash it - but then was told to install an app called 'super user' to back up my apps.

To install that app you had to be rooted. Hence all these problems. Sometimes the internet and me don't work !! :)

(or maybe that's just me).

Thanks again - looking forward to anyone else that can help/shed light on all this too.

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Vodafone told you to install Super User?????

Looks like vodafone support rooting?

BTW: Super user by it's self cannot backup apps, you need Titanium Backup

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My mistake yes titanium backup is the app.

Guy in Voda shop said he didn't know how to back up my apps but he sure knew about rooting as he was explaining it to me.

"its a way of getting cracked apps for free and doing loads of other cool stuff".

It was me that found titanium backup as I had paid for 3 apps and didn't want to lose them! :)

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