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Tried to remove Stage: no app launcher, now no boot

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I'm new to all this Android tweaking lark and live in UK with a Streak 5 updated by Dell to 2.2.2. seldom used because all that bloatware.

However, a few weeks ago managed successful root (GingerBreak) and used ADB via Win XP to remove the APKs for facebook, ooVoo, twitter, radio, Amazon and a zillion others. This made the phone a delight to use, but, disliking Dell Stage and emboldened by my new found power, I removed (without backing up...!..) all .APKs with the word Stage in them.

Oh woe.

Phone was still fine, I could turn off, reboot (into a blank screen), still navigate the file system from my PC with ADB shell, but no way to launch apps or even access the menu from the phone.

So then I did the next silly thing -- factory reset, not realizing this does not restore apps. After 1st successful reset boot, subsequent booting never completes after making it past sparkling DELL animation, and root now presumably gone. And of course I can no longer access it via ADB.

Maybe another factory reset will get me further, but I have no idea how to replace what I removed, which should presumably be in the internal memory rather than the SD card...

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Yes, I successfully connected the phone to my Win XP PC in fastboot mode, but then didn't know what to do next.

I presume I need to get the missing .APKs with Stage in their name back into /system/app from where I so stupidly removed them.

If the phone was rooted and I could connect ADB, I would have first to get hold of the APKs I need, put them in ADB's working directory, then (?) issue 'push *Stage*.apk /system/app' (is that correct?). However, ADB won't connect because Streak never completes the boot sequence, and even if it did, the phone isn't rooted since the factory reset.

Can fastboot somehow be used to accomplish this task of putting those .APKs or some app launcher back where the OS will run it at startup? And how would I get hold of the missing .APKs in the first place? (I don't know anybody with a Streak 5...)

I've downloaded something called update-stageUI360-2.zip containing (among other things) 12 files: *StageWidget-release.apk, in:


but those don't look like the names of the 5 or 6 files I deleted.

Sorry for all the negatives... I'm very much a noob, slow to learn (in my 70s), and a bit dim about these things anyhow...

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U could fastboot flash system partition. you would need to find the correct version thou.

if you know which recovery you are using you could use the associated Dell update.apk. This would update the whole system. http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Dell_Streak_5

seen as u have root, access to fastboot and a desire to not want Dell bloatware, I would use fastboot to flash streakmod recovery http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=840326. And then use streakmod recovery to flash DSC v1.0 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1314898.

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