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[APP][FREE] Thousand Clocks Gallery - feedback request

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I'm developer of Make Your Clock Widget (Make Your Clock Widget - Welcome). This app is more than year old and last couple of month community around the app created thousands of widgets, some of them are really nice (see screenshots bellow):



More screen shots at http://www.makeyourc...ss-gallery.html

To promote my app I created non editor version of the application Thousand Clocks Gallery (you can download it for free fromThousand Clocks Gallery).

Application is

- free (no ads)

- supports all elements as paid version Make Your Clock Widget (battery, weather, date, time, ...)

Limitations are:

- number of downloads per week is limited

- user needs to be registered to count number of downloads

I would like to ask you for feedback about app. Whether you feel that app is useful, whether is is easy to user (or you had some issues with app or with concept), etc.

Thanks a lot


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BTW: I want to apologize for the issue you may experienced when registering in first days. Because of extreme interest in app we run out of App Engine email quota and app was not sending registration confirmation emails. This caused a lot of negative ratings.

It is solved now and all users (no matter they were affected or not) registered before Tuesday 4/17/2012 will get 100 extra download credits.

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BTW: I added new features according your feedback

- you can (re)center your design now

- you can delete design from phone

- you can change clock type from 12 to 24 hours and back

- minor bugs fixed

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Another improvement: we completely removed registration. Now you can download widgets freely immediately after installation.

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