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Help!! Hardware keyboard produces force closes

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Hello guys,

my X10 Mini Pro needs your help. Since yesterday I cannot use the hardware keyboard anymore. Approx every 20 seconds I get the following error, no matter if I am trying to type something or doing completely different stuff on the phone:

The application standard text input (process com.sonyericsson.android.textinput) was closed unexpectedly. Try again.

Below the button: force close

(Literally translated from German)

ROM: MiniCM7-2.1.9 by nAa with nAa Kernel

This setup has been running perfectly for about 2 months. When I flashed it then I replaced the keyprint.xml with the german version by Slade87 which made the german keyboard layout possible (qwertz). Everything has been fine, till yesterday. I've no explanation what went wrong yesterday since I get those force closes.

I tried the following things to solve the problem:

- I did again replace the keyprint.xml

- I checked wheter the standard text input is still active (Android text input settings) - yes, it is

- when typing I hit the input area for a few seconds and toggled the input method to Android Keyboard (the display touch keyboard). Obviously this works fine. I toggled the setting again to the standard (hardware) keyboard which triggered again immediately the force close errors.

- deleted data of the stock keyboard app via Android settings menu --> Apps

- several reboots

Nothing worked! Can you help me?

I don't want to reflash the whole ROM.

Thanks in advance!!

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it seems that the problem is solved. Though nobody answered maybe someone is interested in the "solution": Manage apps > all > standard input > clear data. Since then I 've got again the qwertz layout and no further force closes. Happy again :)

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