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Newbies Guide to flashing CM9/CM10 for ZTE, OMC/Skate

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Because the ICS/JB threads seem to get asked the same questions,"How do I flash this rom? Why won't this install? "I thought I'd write a little helper.

rules of thumb:

Please read at least the first two posts of any thread, as all the instructions for a successful flashing will be contained within these first two posts.

Have a read of at least the last ten pages (ideally the thread ) to get a general feel of where a rom is upto in development, and to any recently flagged issues.

Questions you've got to ask your self before flashing?

Q; "Have I got a big enough system partition space ,to flash the rom and gapps to my phone? "

A; For ICS/CM9/Jellybean /CM10, on a Skate your looking realistically for at least 200 meg system partition. again reading the first two posts, or from the last update date will help you as this question will have already been asked by now.

Q;"Iam unsure to how big the system partition My phone currently has?"

A; Download Freespace from Market, and what will tell you the size, that's if you don't already have other means of finding this out.

If you've never repartitioned your phone since stock, it will have 220 meg system partition already and will be fine.

Q;"What's repartitioning/TPT? "

Answer; This is the changing of the internal layout space of your phone.

you can safely change the layout size for system /cache and data. system: This is the space that the rom and gapps (Google apps, playstore, calendar, search, sync ect ) will be flashed to.

Cache: pretty much now redundant, as cm9/cm10 redirect cache so a size between two and five meg is only required.

Data: This is the space left over for your own downloaded apps to fill.

More on TPT here.


Q;"What's all this, wipe this and wipe that? "

A;If your really asking this question, should you really be flashing roms?

If in doubt, read post number one again, and if still in doubt, good rule of thumb, would be to wipe everything but your sdcard.

So from within cwm recovery/ mount's and storage






And I will stress "NOT" your sdcard( if not by design)

Also, you can wipe Dalvik cache from within Advanced, still within cwm.

Flash the rom to desktop, let it stand on desktop for about five minutes.

reboot back into cwm and flash gapps (for ics/Jellybean ), and let it stand again for five minutes on desktop.

with ics/jb gapps, you only need to log into one of the Google apps to log into them all. So say, you can't log into market because it's not giving you the input fields to do so, try gmail, or browser instead, once logged in to one, all the others will now work to.

***Please also note, Modaco is a community of like minded people, sharing, roms,kernels, knowledge,time, free of charge and with no obligation for anyone to use. we are not customer service for your device, so a little reading effort on your part is recommended. help yourself to become a better community member***:)

ICS/JB , enjoy it :)

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Nice guide, think it needs to be pinned, locked, and also made mandatory reading for newbies

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Great guide - read,read,read - everything you need to know is there and if you get stuck then ask.

There are lots of people who will help you in this community but everything you need has usually been asked

so again read,read,read and you might even learn something else new

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