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Updating rom

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Hi all,

I am thinking of updating to the newest F&C rom and I was wondering how you guys manage the backing up of your contacts and apps. I understand that different apps come in handy when backing up. Thus far I have only backed my system up using clockwork.

How do you do it?

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Most people will use Titanium Backup, You really have to buy the Pro version (£4.49) to get the best out of it though. It will let you backup/restore all user apps+data. You can also have different profiles in it, so if you want to use different roms you can have a different profile for each one to specify the apps you use with each.

If you want to backup the whole rom, apps, user data and account settings, basically everything, you can use Clockwork Mod Recovery (Which, hopefully, you've already installed). Just go into backup/restore in the main menu. You can also rename the folder it creates (Just be sure not to use spaces in the folder name!) so you can specify each one, for example, mine are called "CyanogenMod7", "CyanogenMod9" and "AOKP" :)

Bear in mind though, CWM won't allow you to restore your apps without installing the whole thing.

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